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In distributed consensus technologies such as Bitcoin, end user security is paramount. Ledger's mission is to bring state of the art smartcard-based solutions for digital identities protection.”


Ledger is a French startup with strong ties in the Bitcoin community, born from the merge of BTChip (makers of the secure USB wallet "HW1" ), La Maison du Bitcoin (a French Bitcoin center), and Chronocoin (one of the first smartcard-based Bitcoin exchange). We are a team of 15 entrepreneurs, engineers and designers, with offices in Paris, Vierzon and San Francisco.

When a user's private key is compromised, the consequences can be catastrophic. However, end users don't necessarily know how to protect data on their computer, so we need strong, simple security solutions to help Bitcoin reach mass adoption.

Our innovative approach combines a secure smart card-based technology and open standards in an affordable product available worldwide.


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